The Well with Stairs

It is an interesting well of pre-colonial era – seems to be of Mughal era. You need not pull water out of the well, but you can fetch it by going down to the water level through 100 stairs.  It has spaces for providing water to horses. It definitely had shady trees around it – only one of them remains now. The building does not have any inscription or stone giving us any idea when and why was it built. The small building has two small rooms on both sides. I did not find any inscription or engraved stone.

Current Condition:

The building has developed a huge crack, though it is not dangerous – not falling apart. In spite of the crack, I walked inside it as well as at the rooftop. The two side rooms are filthy as they have been used by people for defecation. The water seems clean, though a few wrappers and tissues had fallen into the well. Overall the building and well show signs of neglect. The local people have no idea about the origin and purpose of the well. However, it should be noted that I did not have time to talk to too many people. I just talked to one or two people who were present at the time of my visit. We may find more from old men of the nearby village – Injra.

Location and How to Reach It?

It is situated in Village Injra, Tehsil (Sub-District) Jand of District Attock. Though two roads – one from Jand, and another from Pindigheb – from within district Attock take you to this place, but the road network is complicated, and the condition of roads is not good. The best and simplest route to reach this place is to go to Talagang (District Chakwal). You would pass through following significant points if you start from M2:

M2-Balkasar-Talagang-Tamman-Multan Khurd- The Soan River – Injra Well (Exactly 84 Kilometers from M2)

Follow the blue line from point A (Balkasar Interchange on M2) to point B (The Well).

Follow the blue line from point A (Balkasar Interchange on M2) to point B (The Well).

The well is situated a little before Injra, and it stands out prominently on the left side of the road, and there is no chance of missing it while driving towards Injra.


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