Justice Khawaja! … Your hearing is as much a joke as the National Action Plan is

Today I came across this news item:

559639fc699e6NAP is a big joke, devised to deceive masses, says Justice Khawaja

NGOs are an easy target.
Though NGOs personnel do not carry weapons, and have not been found involved in any terrorism related incidents, but anyone and everyone is interested in curtailing NGOs’ activities. It should be noted that many NGOs have been attacked or have received threats (including myself and my organization – Bedari​). Plan International’s office in Mansehra was put on fire in 2007 when 8 people were burnt alive, I was living very close to that office in those days. I can list scores of many more incidents, in which NGOs offices were attacked, and/or their staff were targeted and killed.

However, the government, military, judiciary, media – nobody has the courage to talk about those who carry weapons, who have hid weapons in the mosques, and madrassahs – those who have illegally occupied government and private lands by building mosques and madrassahs without any permission. They do not dare act against those who openly express their allegiance to terrorist organizations, against whom multiple reports have been registered at various police stations (Mullah Abdul Aziz is a case in point).

Justice Khwaja: how many unregistered NGOs are working Pakistan, and how many unregistered and unregulated madrassahs are functioning in this country? Does anyone know how much money is being received by the Madrassahs, and where that money is spent? Does anyone care who throw rose petals on the ambulances carrying dead bodies of terrorists? Does anyone care about those who say terrorists can not be Muslims (or Muslims cannot be terrorists) but when a terrorist dies, they are the first ones to join the last rituals.

Justice Khwaja! your hearing is as much a joke as the NAP is and these two jokes are a big tragedy for this nation.


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