Advice to Pakistani girls who ‘commit’ love marriage

If you have married the man of your own choice (as opposed to the man your parents selected for you), never ever trust your parents who ask you to come back and they would arrange your marriage with the person of your choice. Never every go back to your parents. Never ever get emotionally blackmailed. You will not remain alive. I have come across so many cases in my 8 years association with Bedari (an organization that provides support to women/girls facing gender based violence) that I have lost count.

Zeenat murdered for committing the crime of marrying the person of her choice.

The girl is emotionally blackmailed and convinced into returning to her parents’ home. She is often promised that a proper marriage ceremony would be held, and she would be sent with her groom as per the customs and traditions of the society. Thus the family’s honor would be safe. However,  in every such case, the girl is killed – sometimes immediately, sometimes later on. In one case the girl was killed almost 2 years later by her male cousin in Chakwal. In another case in Depalpur (District Okara), a girl was killed 3 years later by her male relatives. Saba - The Girl in The River

This happened to Zeenat, who returned to her parents, and her own mother allegedly burnt her alive. This happened to Saba (the girl whose story is depicted in the Oscar winning documentary ‘A Girl in the River’. I have yet to come across a case in which such a girl returned to her parents, and she remained alive afterwards.
It is ironic to note that parents usually swear by Allah and the Holy Quran while promising her safety, but as soon as the girl returns home, they forget about Allah and the holy Quran, and kill her.

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